The Best Playdough Ever?

best homemade playdough recipe

Earlier this year I did an experiment with different playdough recipes I found on Pinterest, trying to find the one that was the ultimate. The first one, made with Jell-o, I loved, but it got moldy after a couple of months. The second one had Kool-Aid, and I liked that one pretty well, but the […]

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Getting Spring Started


Even though Easter is a moving holiday, it seems like when we had a big yard garden we always planted the weekend of Easter or right around then (maybe because the garden centers are empty when everyone else is at church?). It’s been feeling like summer, not even spring, for a few weeks here, but […]

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This is What Normal People Do

diamond brocade knitting

The last two Saturday nights my parents have come over to watch the Bit so my sweetie and I could go out (thanks, guys!). This is unprecedented in our life as parents, going out two weekends in a row. We’re growing up! Last week we went to see John Carter, which would not have been […]

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