Take ’em Off My Hands: Three Stitch Pattern Books to Give Away!

stitch pattern books

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I guess Thursday is shaping up to be giveaway day! Now that I finally got the felting books shipped off to the winner of that contest, I’ve got another trio of great books I’d like to take off my shelf this week.

stitch pattern books
Three yummy stitch pattern books! All for you.

This time they’re knitting books, and they’re really great ones for anyone who’s interested in design or adding stitch patterns to basic projects. It’s so fun to just pick a pattern and make a washcloth or a scarf, or make a bunch of swatches for a baby blanket or whatever whimsy strikes you.

Now, I have to say I love stitch pattern books. I have a ton of them! It’s hard to part with any of them but I’m being honest with myself and admitting that I have more than I can ever possibly use. So that’s where you come in.

What prompted this giveaway is the fact that I unearthed this paperback copy of Vogue Knitting’s Stitchionary Volume 1: Knit and Purl. (That linked review, which goes to my knitting site, actually covers the first three books.) I love this whole collection, and this volume was recently released in paper (I will never part with my hardcover set that’s now six volumes!).

But there’s more. Here, too, is the excellent Super Stitches Knitting by Karen Hemingway. This one has good pictures and a nice variety of stitches. And there’s 400 Knitting Stitches from Potter Craft, another really nice, pretty book. They did all the swatches in off-white yarn, which may have driven the sample knitters insane, but it really makes you focus on the stitches and not the yarn.

How can these books be yours? Just leave a comment here between now and end of business next Thursday. If you wanted to go like About.com Knitting on Facebook and tell me that in a separate comment, I’ll give you extra credit.In your comment, I’d love to hear how you use stitch patterns in your knitting.

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  1. I really don’t have a lot of knitting books….more like patterns all over…would be nice to have a good book…ty:)

  2. My prayer shawl group is always looking for new inspiration. I would share the books with them.

  3. I recently got the Potter craft book which is wonderful but the Vogue book is still on my Amazon wishlist. I enjoy browsing through stitch patterns and knitting blogs. Super stitches is new to me. I will look for that one. Thanks for offering to share.

  4. I love challenging myself with new stitches and patterns…these books would help

  5. I just know the basics now. I’m ready to cable. I’m going to start with a hat.


  6. Would love opportunity to peruse these three books, learn new stitches, and continue my knitting scarves, hats, etc. for charity. my knitting would become more exciting

  7. I have been learning to knit, so far only knit and purl. I think I’m ready for something new.

  8. thank you so much for having a cool giveaway. I’ve been knitting almost 8 months now and I’m so addicted lol.

  9. I “liked” about knitting.com on facebook. what a cool page..i remember when the knitting needles finally got comfortable(after 3 weeks of trying and giving up and then trying and giving up lol..i was searching knitted blocks. I thought it would be a fun way to practice. Well about knitting.com came up in the search & i couldn’t believe how many different knitted squares there were on that site..i still have the 15 or so pages i copied of squares in my knitting folder.

  10. I love adding stitch patterns to things I knit. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I make afghans for Project Linus and love to have many different stitches in the patterns to make it more interesting. This is how I would use these books.

  12. I saw this giveaway from Craft Gossip and got so excited! I remember seeing the Stitchery book and wanting it but not being able to get it. What a wonderful selection! I’m in the middle (literally) of a baby blanket that’s taking way longer than I anticipated. The small needles plus fine yarn scenario. πŸ™‚

  13. I went to the About.com Knitting on Facebook and liked it. I didn’t know about you OR the Facebook page. Double win! As far as a stitching pattern in my knitting, I always create my own grid with the knitting pattern described above/below and highlight each row in a gray/white pattern. It’s easy for me to follow in the way my own mind works to get me through to the end. Is that what you meant?

  14. I’ve been looking for a great knitting stitch book – or maybe 3 great books πŸ™‚ This is a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  15. I just started to knit this winter. I would love to have a book like this one to try different stitches.

  16. Im still a beginner knitter, so to have a book with a range of stiches would help me improve immensely.

  17. I “liked” about.com knitting on FB! (Tracy Cornell= username) Thank you for your generous opportunity!

  18. What a wonderful giveaway!! I would love these books… I could learn to knit more stitches than the basic ones I know… what to use them for… well I’m about to become a grandmother so the possibilities are endless!! By the way I DO have a shipping address in the USA in case I win!!

  19. Love stitch books….wonderful inspirations. Thanks for hosting this giveawy!

  20. I no longer knit socks using a pattern sonbooks like these are invaluable to me. These books tend to have beautiful photographs so they also make great coffee table books.

  21. I would love to take my knitting to another level. These books look like it would help push me along! I would love to make some cute light sweaters for my girls for the summer.

  22. Mi piacerebbe avere questi libri!Adoro le coperte ai ferri.Grazie per l’opportunitΓ .

  23. I learned to crochet a couple of years ago by teaching myself and I would use these books to teach myself to knit. I would love to be able to create beautiful knit stuff.

  24. Right now, it’s easy for me to integrate stitch patterns in my knitting because, right now, scarves are in fashion and, lately, I’ve been knitting scarves for my daughter.

  25. I love knitting books and magazines. I’ve been collected them ever since I started knitting roughly 20 years ago. I use my stitch pattern book regularly for making designs on different projects.

  26. Lovely collection of books. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

    happy days.

  27. I have several knitting books, but would LOVE to add these three to my collection. Thanks for the chance to win them!

  28. OMG!!!! I would love to get these books. Thank you for offering these books and giving us a chance to get them. Working from patterns is great but I also love creating new items and these will come in handing.

  29. I would like to have these books also. I am thinking of making a blanket with a different stitch a square. It should make a big blanket.

  30. Oh the things I create… I have been trying to think how to create a pattern for a knit hat with a specific design for my husband. this would be a great beginning! Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. ooh these books would be perfect, as I am a knitting newbie…I’d practice lot of different stitches by making a sampler throw to snuggle under when it’s snowing like crazy here in Canada! I’m heading to Facebook right now to “like” about knitting.com too!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. These books look wonderful! I haven’t been knitting for very long but these books look like they will help me take my next step in combining stitches and of course learning many new stitches.

  33. I would love to design a simple project – just for my own amusement. I would use these books as reference and inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. I’m re-teaching myself how to knit after forgetting for the umpteenth time when I was a child after having my mother give up on teaching me. These books would be awesome teaching materials and help me create the beautiful afghans I see everywhere that have different blocks of patterns, tablecloths, and other pretty things! πŸ™‚

  35. I have some lovely single skeins that I would like to make into gifts, how nice it would be to have all those stitches to choose from!

  36. Always looking for different stitches for the prayer shawls we make for the local geriatric patients at the hospital. They like bright colors & textures

  37. I like using stitch patterns to practice my techniques – in dishcloths, afghan squares and scarves, before I use them in bigger projects

  38. I’d love to win these books. I’ve just picked up knitting again after 25 years and am becoming obsessed. I want to knit more and learn more, and these books would help out tremendously. Thanks.

  39. I justed “Liked” About.com Knitting on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing your facebook posts.

  40. I have been knitting for about 50 years- I am getting back into again but would like to start doing more than knit and purls. These book would make a huge difference!

  41. I am so ready to branch out into some new stitches – these books would give me a welcome addition to my library and hopefully to my skill set !

  42. These stitch books would be great inspiration to add new and unique designs to my knitting!

  43. i love learning new stitches. i like to practice them on scarves and washcloths and things, which i give to friends and family. these would make a great addition to my library!

  44. I’ve just started to learn how to knit [teaching myself] and i’d love more inspiration to be able to add to my creations!

  45. Hi. I have been reading your blog for quite sometime and saw this post! I would love to enter to win these books. I find most of my patterns online and don’t really have any resource books like these! I taught myself how to knit because I was always afraid I would mess up and not do it right. I’ve never knit anything fancy. Mostly socks kitchen towels and rags and scarves. I like to read knitting blogs for inspiration and ideas and patterns. Thanks for having a blog that’s nice to read everyday! And please consider my entry in your contest. I’ve never entered a contest before so I hope I did this right!

  46. I love to knit and I really like to learn new stitches. I am knitting squares at the moment to cover my dear old comfy sofa (it’s seen better days, but I hate to get rid of it), I am making the squares all in different stitches but I am getting low on ideas now, so this book sounds just what I am in need of it. Really do hope I can win, thanks for this chance to win it.

  47. I will be glad to take these books off your hand. I like to try new stitches on afghan squares I knit each month for 2 charities.

  48. Just learning complicated things in knitting so I think these books would be a great help.

  49. These look so cool and helpful! I love having handy references. And I notice as I grow older, the more help I need πŸ™‚

  50. I’m teaching myself how to knit..would love some reference books.I’ve been getting books from the library

  51. I love using new stitches to make afghans and pillows. These books would be a big help in that endeavor.

  52. I’ve been doing more designing of my own patterns for small projects and every time I need to use a stitch dictionary, I have to go borrow the 2 old ones at the library. I’d love to have one of my own and it would make designing so much easier! Thank you for the giveaway!

  53. Hi πŸ™‚
    I love stitch patterns books especially if they have charts. I can spend hours looking at them…
    Thanks for this opportunity to win one πŸ™‚

  54. I would love a chance to win these fabulous books!! I like to use stitch patterns and create my own scarves and afghan squares πŸ™‚
    Thank you!

  55. I’ve just recently started designing my own patterns so I’d love to incorporate new stitches in my designs.

  56. I’m a beginner and would love these books to help me practise .and get more confident

  57. Wow, a terrific giveaway! These books would certainly be welcome additions to my library. Thanks for the chance; I hope my comment isn’t too late!

  58. I’ve been looking at my limited library of stitchionaries to find a stitch pattern for a blanket. These would be a great supplement.