A Job for Which I am Completely Unqualified

I’m a Virgo, which anyone who knows anything about astronomy will assume means that I’m logical, analytical and well organized. In fact, this random website that came up first when I Googled “Virgo characteristics” says Virgos “keep the world in order.” Some of that may be true, but anyone who knows anything about me knows […]

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Overpacking and Oversnacking


When I was in high school, I had pretty simple tastes when it came to road trip snacking. When we’d load up the bus to go to the high school journalism convention (geek from way back, right here!) it was Funyuns, kiwi-strawberry Snapple and Violent Femmes on the boombox. The summer I worked in Oklahoma […]

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Something We Need to Talk About

I used to have a website all about freelance writing. It was supposed to allow me to teach what I’d learned about the business of writing, and also to make money. I failed miserably at the second and usually felt like I was shouting into the wilderness, so I shut the site down. But every […]

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