A Job for Which I am Completely Unqualified

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I’m a Virgo, which anyone who knows anything about astronomy will assume means that I’m logical, analytical and well organized. In fact, this random website that came up first when I Googled “Virgo characteristics” says Virgos “keep the world in order.”

Some of that may be true, but anyone who knows anything about me knows that I struggle with organization.

messy desk
What my desk looked like back in March. It is not this bad now, I swear!

My home office (it would be generous to call it a studio) was a mess in my old house and it’s been a mess for the year and a half since we moved (though I am working on it, a lot). I vacillate between thinking I need to see my materials to help spark my creativity and wanting my lovely glass desk to be bare. Right now I’m on the “get it out of my sight” side of the fence, but I do want to get a big bowl to put yarn in on my desk.

I think I have a plan for what I want to do with my office and what needs to go where. I know that I want it to be clean, peaceful, orderly and inspiring. I want space for my girl to play and create with me, and I want to figure out how to store paint, paper and punches so I can have my own stash apart from what I let her use.

On-The-Job Training

All of which is to say I’m learning. I’m right there with everyone else who has a creative space that looks like stuff is made there, not like it belongs in a photoshoot for Martha Stewart Living.

Look at the cute button they made for me!

The good news is you’ll get to learn right along with me — and some creative ladies who are way ahead of me in the organizing game — because I’ve just been named a contributor to Craft Storage Ideas. This site is amazingly inspiring and includes tips and tricks for storing and showing off all manner of creative supplies. I’m sure I’ll be sharing tips on yarn storage (of course!) and other great stuff I learn along the way.

I’ll let you know when I have posts there; in the meantime, check out all the other great contributors I’ll be working with. And if there’s something crafty you’d love to know how to store, clean, display, etc., please let me know!

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing!

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  1. Congratulations, Sarah! I’m so excited for you, and to be a part of this new adventure together! Looking forward to getting to know you in the coming months! ~ Doris

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