Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies

these leftover halloween candy cookies are so easy and good!

The best thing about Halloween is leftover candy, of course, but sometimes you want something a little more — or a little different — from just a candy bar stolen from your kid’s pumpkin bucket. Here’s a fun way to get the kids to hand over some of their loot and to get to eat […]

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When Life Hands You a Day Off…

baking cookies

make chocolate chip cookies. The Bit unexpectedly had the day off today, and I decided last night that I was going to really be with her today and make it special for her and not spend time stressing out over what I wasn’t getting done (or the coffee date I was missing!) because she was […]

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Getting Crafty for the Bake Sale

box of bake sale cookies

At least once a year the playgroup that I was much more active in before the Bit started going to school does a bake sale. I like to take part because it’s like double crafting: making the items to sell and then making them adorable. This year I went with lots (and lots) of Cowboy […]

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