Get 70+ Ideas for Using Your Craft Supplies

Sometimes thinking about using your craft supplies can be a little overwhelming. This might be because you have so much stuff you can’t figure out what to make or where the things are to make it (and if that’s your problem I can help with that, too). Maybe you know what you have and where […]

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Halloween and Plan B

ballerina on square

I’d been worrying about Halloween for a while. After our trip to Tulsa was sent completely off track by a scary inflatable skeleton, I knew it was going to be a tough day. And it was. Somewhat for the reasons I expected, and somewhat for other reasons. But if I’ve learned one thing while being […]

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A Crafty Fall To-Do List

knit candy corn

Today is the first day it’s actually felt like fall might be coming to Arkansas. As I write this it’s a lovely 82 degrees outside and the window right behind me is open. Love it. I’ve been a little reluctant for it to be fall, which is weird, because it’s my favorite. I guess it’s […]

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