Monthly Goals: Take it All in

June goals update

It’s been a while since I talked about, or really even thought about, my One Little Word for the year, which is clear. Halfway through the year I hoped I’d have clarity about my work, clearer spaces in my home and clear systems in my work. I do have a little more clarity in my […]

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The Persistence of Memory

On memories, the people we miss and writing their stories.

I’m not going to get all “Glory Days” on you, but the more I think about it, 1996 was the year when everything happened. My senior year in high school was also the year I started dating my husband. My grandmother and one of my favorite teachers died. There was the pain of not being […]

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I Don’t Care How Many Days Until Christmas

In a Christmas rush already? Let's slow down and enjoy these days instead.

It started before Halloween. Memes were popping up on Facebook saying so many days until Thanksgiving, this many weeks until Christmas, that many days before Black Friday or New Year’s or whatever. I even saw one in early fall talking about how many days it was until summer! Stop it. Please. I don’t care how […]

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