A Quick Crochet Scarf

Make a quick crochet scarf, even with minimal crochet skills.

Knitting will always be my first yarn-related love, but even I have to admit that when you need to make something in a hurry, crochet is the way to do. You can easily make a quick crochet scarf in a couple of evenings, even with limited crochet ability such as I have. Even if you […]

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No-Sew Fleece Scarves #givewarmth

Make a no-sew fleece scarf, or a bunch, with these easy patterns to help you #givewarmth.

If you were inspired by my call to #givewarmth this holiday season, I want to help make it as easy for you as I can. Even if you don’t consider yourself very crafty, it is possible for you to quickly and easily (and rather inexpensively) make a whole heap of scarves you can give to […]

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Playing with Scarves

black veil

I have to admit that this idea is completely stolen from inspired by The Imagination Tree, a blog I love and have probably pinned about half of! Her stuff is a lot of fun, and last week she mentioned that she made a discovery box for her kids that was nothing but different colored cloths […]

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