Playing with Scarves

black veil

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I have to admit that this idea is completely stolen from inspired by The Imagination Tree, a blog I love and have probably pinned about half of! Her stuff is a lot of fun, and last week she mentioned that she made a discovery box for her kids that was nothing but different colored cloths (they are sold as juggling scarves; I got mine from Amazon, while hers came from eBay).

I bought the Bit a bunch (like, 20, which may have been a bit excessive) and I didn’t get pictures the first time she played with them but she unfolded them all and stacked them up and said she was doing her “laundry.”

A couple days later I mentioned them again, and this time she wanted to wear them.

She asked me to tie one on as a dress (it pretty quickly fell down and I had to tie it tighter). Then she started trying on veils.

black veil
The Bit dressed up in her scarves.

Then it was “laundry” time again; this time she piled a bunch on top of the bag her blocks go in. It might have been a tactic to avoid cleaning up before going to school.

scarf play
Stacking scarves makes cool colors.

I highly recommend you get yourself some colored scarves if you’re looking for some fun, colorful, open-ended play to do with your little ones. They’re not too expensive and you can use them for dress up, color sorting if you have enough of them, to look at what different colors look like when you stack them, and probably even for juggling if you wanted.

This post is linked to Kids Get Crafty, which also has a great article on why it’s OK to NOT craft with your kids if you don’t want to. Blasphemy! But also right. Does anyone out there dislike crafting with their kids? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. In my classroom, I’d put on fun music and the children would dance around and wave the scarves around. The children’s favorite song was The Freeze by Greg and Steve. Lots of fun.

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