Crocheted Flower Hair Clips

Crochet a simple flower and turn it into a hair clip.

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There’s always an Iron Craft Challenge around Valentine’s Day to make something involving hearts and/or flowers.

Last year I made these adorable crocheted hearts and a little felt envelope to put them in. They have been a huge hit and were perfect when the girl transitioned to kindergarten this year.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to try flowers this time, and since I’m always trying to make myself get better at crochet, I wanted to crochet some flowers, too.Crochet a simple flower and turn it into a hair clip.

I found this lovely pattern for a triple-layer flower from Attic 24 and decided to use part of it to make a little flower to attach to a hair clip. (The pattern is hers, I just translated it to American crochet terms.)

Crocheted Flowers

I used a tiny bit of two different colors of Lion Brand Bonbons; any lightweight yarn will do. I used a US G6/4mm crochet hook.chain loop crochet flower

Starting with your inside color, make a slip knot and chain 4. Make a slip stitch into the first chain to form a loop.first round crochet flower

Chain 2, then single crochet 6 times into the loop and make a slip stitch into the first chain to close the round. Pull the tail end tight to close up the hole a bit.finished flower center

Chain 2, work a single crochet in the same stitch, then work 2 singe crochets in each of the following stitches. Make a slip stitch into the chain 2 to close. Fasten off.full crocheted flower

Starting with the new yarn, slip the yarn into a stitch to join it to the work. Work 4 double crochets into this stitch. Slip 1 in the next stitch.

Continue in this manner until you have 6 petals. Work 4 double crochets into the next stitch and make a slip stitch into the first stitch to close. Fasten off.

Weave in ends as necessary.

Make two. Or as many as you want; they’re fast and fun!

Making Crocheted Flower Hair Clipscrocheted flower hair clips

Using fabric glue, cover the tops of two metal hair clips (mine are just from the craft store; I’ve had them forever). Make sure you do this with the clips open so you don’t get glue on the bottom part or glue the clip shut.

Place the flower over the clip, pressing firmly so it adheres to the glue.

Allow to dry. crocheted hair clip

Put in hair. Feel more cheerful.

These are supposed to be for the girl, but I might just have to make her another pair in red and white. I love these too much to share.

What do you think?

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