The Case for Taking Pictures with Our Kids

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Yesterday was our monthly MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting, and this month our speaker was a professional photographer and mom who specializes in taking pictures of kids and families. She was there to tell us how to take better pictures of our kids, but she was also there to give us a talking to about not getting in the pictures with our kids.

I’m totally guilty of this. I often have the camera when we go out as a family, and my husband often has the girl on his shoulders, so I’m the one taking the pictures. Even when we’re home, there are very, very few pictures of my daughter and I together. Again, I’m usually the one taking pictures and I usually take them when the two of us are the only ones home, so most of the pictures I take just have her in them.

It’s not that I don’t want to be in the pictures. OK, it is a little bit. We all have excuses. I’ve needed a hair cut for about a year, I never wear makeup, I still have this pooch that’s as old as my daughter, etc., etc. But none of that is going to matter to her nearly as much as seeing that we were happy when she was growing up, and that we loved her enough to make photographic evidence of that fact.

OK, lesson learned. In the spirit of that meeting, when my girl got home from daycare I whipped out my phone while we were playing in the (neighbor’s) yard. Here’s the really not great but still kind of cute picture of my girl and me:

and here’s one of the super cute ones of my girl walking down the steps of my neighbor’s house. She’s obsessed with those giant pumpkins; I can’t keep her out of their yard!

pictures of kids
She's a pretty snappy dresser, too.

So if you’re one of those moms who doesn’t like to get in the pictures, I challenge you to get over yourself and get in the shot sometime this week. Your kids will be glad you did.

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