Halloween Craftiness, Part One: Pumpkins!

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Somehow I didn’t manage to get any of our Halloween crafty goodness blogged while it was still before Halloween, so I’m just putting this here for the record and will try to bring it up again next year before the actual holiday in question.

(The reason behind the lack of pre-event-blogging is that all of this was last-minute; we carved pumpkins Sunday and I finished her costume on Monday!)

A couple of weeks ago we went to a local pumpkin “patch” (OK, not at all a patch, the front yard of a church) and picked out three pumpkins (“Daddy pumpkin, mama pumpkin, baby pumpkin!” as the Bit would say). The day before Halloween we had my parents over to help carve up the beauties.

My husband took care of the carving, with supervision from the rest of us. They turned out pretty cute, I think.

pumpkin carving
The Bit checks out Daddy's work.
pumpkin carving
Testing out the Jack-o'lanterns

Later that evening, we still had the baby pumpkin to deal with, so I gave it to the Bit to paint. Now, most people, when they think of a painted pumpkin, probably imagine a cute little face painted on the side or something. But my girl is 2, and creativity rules in my house, so she was not to be constrained. Here’s what she came up with:

pumpkin painting
The Bit's pumpkin on the ledge outside.

She found that so much fun that I gave her a tiny pumpkin to paint, too:

painting pumpkins
The wee painted pumpkin, drying on a plate.

I actually painted a couple of wee pumpkins, too: one with gold glitter glue in the seams and one in brown and pink stripes! They stayed on the kitchen table during trick or treating. I don’t seem to have a picture so I’ll add that to the Halloween crafting post to come.

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