Halloween Craftiness, Part Two: The Costume

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Every year of my daughter’s life I’ve made some part of her costume. The first year she didn’t really have a costume, because she was seven weeks out of the NICU (and eight weeks out of me) so we weren’t exactly leaving the house. But she did have a Halloween-themed onesie, and I had a pumpkin hat that didn’t really fit her but was cute.

first halloween
My cutie's first Halloween

Last year I didn’t have a lot of inspiration or time when Halloween came around, so I decided to make her a tutu. She was the fall princess, and a pretty cute one at that.

halloween tutu
My girl celebrating her second Halloween at the local botanical gardern.

This year I wanted to do something a little more involved. I’m not sure where exactly the idea of Yoda came from, but there it was, days before the holiday and I was just starting her costume. (I have mentioned before that I love deadlines!) It turned out that I finished the main part of the costume on Sunday and made the hat on Halloween itself, but the Bit was not that into the holiday. She was very excited about the idea of trick or treating, but as soon as she saw there were people in our neighbor’s house she freaked out.

Still, she was pretty cute while it lasted.

jedi costume
The Bit attempts to use the Force.

She didn’t really want anything to do with the hat, but it was cute, so we tried.

toddler yoda
Attempting to turn the Jedi into Yoda.

Making the costume was still a lot of fun, even if not a lot of people got to see it. And it reminded me that I actually can sew relatively OK, so I anticipate more sewing in the future. And a craft that’s not knitting is always good.

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