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glue art canvas

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I like to think of myself as a creative person. If I got to pick a word that I would hope people used when they described me, it would be creative. I’m not sure that comes across in my daily life (certainly not in my wardrobe!) but I really think that making things and using our creativity to express ourselves is one of the most important things we can do and one of the best skills to teach our children.

Still, there are times when I am not very creative and times when I’m much more creative. The past couple of weeks it seems like I’ve been in a big creating/making mode. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m posting more on this blog and thus need to make more so that I have something to write about. It could be the new year, or the looking inward that comes with winter (though it’s hardly been seasonal here). Or my addiction to Pinterest.

Or maybe I just need to make because making’s what I do. It’s what we’re all meant to do. (To steal a thought from Julia Cameron, if we’re made in god’s image, god was the ultimate creator, so we’re supposed to be creative, too. I’m not religious, but I’m sure that thought makes sense to someone reading this.)

The other day (last Wednesday, to be precise) I had a big old making day. It was a lot of fun.

I made a glue art canvas

glue art canvas
This was the first attempt at a craft for a local parenting website. We'll see if it pans out.

banana cookies (these were not a hit; probably because they look like cookies but taste like banana bread and on some level that’s just wrong)

banana cookies
I tried these as an alternative to banana bread. Didn't quite work out.

power balls (these taste good but did not hold together well at all, possibly because I skipped the part where you were supposed to refrigerate the mix before spooning; doh!)

power ball energy balls
These "balls" didn't quite hold together.

and playdough (which we’ve already covered)

It's pretty playdough, anyway.

This day could have taught me not to trust projects you see on Pinterest (the canvas came out OK, but the glue dripped more than I would have liked), but really it was a lot of fun even though none of the things I did came out quite the way I expected.

I don’t have time to devote a whole morning to making very often, but I’d like to get in the habit of doing this more often (with things that aren’t knitting; I do plenty of that already).

Do you ever get to have crafternoons? Or craftermornings, like mine was? I’d love to hear about it. Or, if not, tell me what the last creative thing you did was. Parenting totally counts as being creative in my book.

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