The Great Clothing Blitz of 2012

clothes purge

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During Spring Break I took my daughter to the mall. There’s a gymnastics place there that does meetups for our playgroup, and it’s lots of fun to jump around and get some energy out (and we needed it on that rainy day). We met my sweetie for lunch and a good time was had by all.

But something bothered me about being there. It’s the tug of consumption.

I barely leave the house other than to take the girl to school, do grocery shopping and hang out with the Bit in parks, and yet here I was, staring into shop windows thinking “ooh, that’s a cute dress” or “I like that top,” knowing full well I would never wear a sequined tank top, even if ever went somewhere such a garment would be appropriate.

They’re professionals, of course, and of course I didn’t buy anything. More than making me want to buy, in fact, it made me want to get rid of stuff.

Somehow my drawers are overflowing again, my closet full of stuff I never wear. I know there’s great stuff I’ve forgotten I have just because it’s not in the front or on top of the pile. So it was time for a little cleaning.

Make it Quick

I’ve been thinking about doing a clothing purge since that trip to the mall, but haven’t made the time for it. Today I had planned to do it, then last night I was sick and I don’t have a lot of energy today for a full-on, take-everything-out, put-a-lot-less-back kind of sorting.

So I gave myself 15 minutes. I figured that would be enough time to touch most everything and to look through the closet and at least make the quick, obvious decisions.

clothes purge
The clothes I found to get rid of (cat not included).

I didn’t even need all that time, and I came up with 35 things. (Actually 37, because there are two pairs of boots, too.) I also learned some alarming things about myself:

  • I own 14 plain tank tops. And those were just the ones that happened to be clean.
  • I have three white button-down shirts. None of them are business appropriate.
  • I have two button down shirts involving green stripes. They might be business appropriate, but who needs two?
  • I have four frumpy knit cardigans. I love them, but really, four?
  • My pants drawer has sizes ranging from 2 to 8. I have no idea what size I actually am.
  • I have entirely more yoga pants than are required for a person who only does yoga at home.

Well, none of those are true anymore except the pants problem. I didn’t have the will to try them all on, and I just started Couch to 5K so I don’t know if I’ll be the same size in a few weeks that I am right now anyway.

So, what dark secrets are lurking in your closet? I’d love to hear what you need to let go of, too.

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