Creativity Queue Challenge: Getting Things Finished

dyeing with dandelions

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In a bit of web browsing serendipity a couple of weeks ago I came across the website Daisy Yellow and the beginning of the Creativity Queue Challenge. As the name implies, it’s a challenge to get people to finish (or start and finish) some things that have been on their creative lists for some time. daisy yellow

Spring is a great time of year to be reminded of finishing. We’re so often focused on starting things as nature starts the great task of waking up from winter and bringing forth life again, that we forget about those projects we started during the winter.

I had really high hopes for this project. I instantly made a mental list of a bunch of knitting projects that were almost done — a dress, a vest, a sweater — that I wanted to finish, even if I couldn’t use them until the fall.

Then I promptly forgot about the challenge, except for the fact that I offered to “host” the project today. Which I remembered all of about 4 this morning.

And it looks like I’m not officially hosting, but I’ll add a little bit of what I have been doing today, which is this:

dyeing with dandelions
Yarn in a dandelion dye bath.

I had an idea a couple of weeks ago to take all the dandelions growing in my yard and use them to dye some yarn. It turned into a three-day project once I finally got going, culminating as I type with the yarn in the dye pot.

The dye came out a lot browner than I expected, so I’m interested to see what the end results will be.

What have you been working on? What can you take some time to finish this weekend? I’d also like to take a crack at finishing the back of that vest I was talking about a few days ago…


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  1. Dying yarn sounds like a wonderful project to work from your creativity queue! Thank you for playing along today and for hostessing the challenge. Loved your story about the best of intentions – totally get that.

  2. That’s a really cool idea, and a wonderful use of dandelions. I love adding experimentation to my creative ventures because even if it’s a failure, I’ve learned something. Congrats on scratching something off your list!

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