A Waldorf-Inspired Color Sorting Game

color sorting waldorf cups

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I am a big fan of Montessori and Waldorf type activities and they way they approach setting up rooms and tasks for kids to deal with. Waldorf is naturally attractive to me because they teach knitting to kids, and both disciplines place an emphasis on having handmade things around the children.

Not too long ago I made some Waldorf-inspired color cups. Mine are knit and felted, but you could do the same thing with plastic cups that are either already colored or you can paint clear ones the different colors you need. I only happened to have the right yarn in the house to make red, yellow, blue, green and purple, so we still need an orange one, but the Bit still found this game fun.

I set it up with the cups in this little blue bin along with five each of craft sticks in the five colors we have cups for. After being folded up in the bin, they wouldn’t really stand up on their own easily, but she still found it fun to take each one and find the sticks that matched and put them inside.

color sorting waldorf cups
Putting craft sticks into a green felted “cup.”

It’s a quick and easy little game that we could expand into a sort of hide and seek, or finding different items besides the craft sticks that could go in the cups. If you’re a knitter it’s a pretty easy project and you’ll no doubt find a lot of different ways to use these simple cups.

I’d love to hear about your color sorting games if you do anything special! Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing!

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  1. Creative idea and fun for the little one. Love that look of concentration on that cherubic face! Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy. Hope to see you again next week!

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