Getting Spring Started


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Even though Easter is a moving holiday, it seems like when we had a big yard garden we always planted the weekend of Easter or right around then (maybe because the garden centers are empty when everyone else is at church?). It’s been feeling like summer, not even spring, for a few weeks here, but the past few days have been a little cooler again so it’s actually possible to think about “spring” planting.

We moved into a new house last spring and didn’t garden at all because the back yard is full of trees and we didn’t know how much shade we would get. The answer is a lot, and we’re hesitant to put in a big garden for that reason (and because there’s only one flat place in the yard, and we still might get a swing set for the Bit).

But I like to have things around me that are alive, and there’s nothing better than food that comes out of your yard, so we decided we needed some containers this year. While I was at the store this morning I picked up a few plants and got a couple of them in some soil. That makes me feel much better.

Ready for planting.

There’s rosemary and basil, two strawberry plants (I have no idea how they’ll do), a patio tomato and some pretty purple flowers for my girl.

tomato strawberry plants
Grow, my little beauties!

I planted the strawberries and the tomato and deposited them in a sunny spot. I also planted some lettuce and spinach seeds, but that’s not exciting to look at.

I have no idea what these are, but they're pretty!

These flowers, if the girl allows, will be going into a pot I decorated for her. They make me smile, so I hope she’ll like them, too.

Have you been playing in the dirt yet this season? I’d love to hear what you’re up to or what you’re planning!

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