Signs of Spring

field of clover

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I try to pay attention to our surroundings when I’m driving the girl to and from school, for obvious reasons but also so we have something to talk about. There are lots of interesting, pretty and kind of strange things on our way to school, so I thought I’d share a few of them today.

Pretty Flowerspretty house spring

The girl and I are both suckers for flowers, and this time of year I get really jealous of this house, which has the best yard in the neighborhood for about two weeks while everything is blooming. The rest of the year, it’s just a normal looking place, but right now, it’s magical. field of clover

There’s also this field (which I’ve talked about before) we drive by every day, and one little corner of it is just full of blooming clover. The girl’s favorite color is purple, so this is a highlight of our trip, for sure.

Strange Signs

The street right before school has an elementary school on it, and is home to two more thingsĀ  that have been making me smile in a different way lately. assessor sign qr code

This is a campaign sign on the side of a truck. It’s for a guy running for county assessor, and I’m guessing by the “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan that he’s not big on taxes but is big on privacy.

Which is why I wonder about the QR code on his sign. Because in order to scan it, his truck would have to not be moving, one, but I’d also have to be standing there, basically taking a picture of his truck, which I can’t imagine would please him much. (I took this picture, by the way, from inside my car on a public street. I didn’t scan the code. I don’t even have a QR reader on my phone.)stay warm school

And then there’s the sign at the school, which has looked like this since, I think, February.

Now, we do have cold snaps this time of year on occasion (I mean, it snowed in May last year), but given it was 65 degrees at 8:15 a.m. when I took that picture, I think it would be OK to change the sign now.

What have you been seeing lately? I’d love to know!

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