The Napping Game

nap game

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This is a crazy week, which was preceded by another crazy week, so I’m much more focused on work than the fun stuff right now, but I wanted to post a little something today just so I don’t go too long between posts. And cute pictures of the Bit are always fun to share.

The girl has long enjoyed putting her dolls and “friends” to sleep. She has a wooden cradle that was mine growing up (to play with, not to sleep in) and she puts a friend or two in there, covers them up, rocks them, turns off the light and has them “take a nap.” It usually only lasts a couple of minutes, then she’ll turn the light back on, declare it “time to wake up!” and move on. Sometimes this happens several times, sometimes just once.

Last weekend I guess she needed a nap, too, because she started putting herselfdown for a nap, too.

nap game
My sleepy girl pretends to nap.

This is a pet basket we bought for our cats from Ikea, that has lately been in the playroom full of pillows. She emptied it out, got her pillow (a tiny pillow I knit with a monogram on it) and a teddy bear or two (from one of those sets of sorting bears), turned off the light and “took a nap” in her “bed.” She also insisted my husband and I lay down while she was napping!

This is one of those things that’s such a little thing but that you hope as a parent you’ll remember because it’s just so cute.

What do you want to remember this week?

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