A New Fall Tradition, Maybe {Blogtober Fest}

climbing hay

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Today’s challenge was to write about a fall tradition. We don’t really have any fall traditions yet in our little family of three. The Bit should have been about two weeks old for her first Halloween; instead she was a wee preemie who wasn’t getting anywhere near trick-or-treating.

Her second Halloween was celebrated at the Botanical Garden; her third we took her to Halloween at the Square and tried to go trick-or-treating but she got scared (by dressed up teenagers) before we even got to the first front door.

She understands it all a lot better this year so I’m hoping some actual Halloween-type activities will be happening. In the meantime today we tried to add another event to our fall calendar: a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Actually to call Farmland Adventures, just outside of Springdale, Ark., a “pumpkin patch” is to way undersell it. They have pumpkins, sure, but also a corn maze, petting zoo, pig races (!), corn boxes (like sand boxes, but with corn), hay to climb on and more.

I say we tried because, as anyone local probably can guess, our adventure got rained out. By my camera’s reckoning we got approximately eight minutes of good weather. We’re trying again next week, but in the meantime, check out eight minutes of cuteness.

The Bit and some of her school friends running around like they do.
The Bit runs past some pumpkins.
climbing hay
I love this because her eyes are sort of the same color as the stormy clouds.
Playing in the corn box.

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  1. I had no idea about that place. I’m thinking I may be taking a trip there with Captain Destructo this weekend. Adorable pictures:)

  2. I’ll probably do an update after we go next week, but it seemed like a lot of fun (and Evolved Mommy blogged about the same place). The corn box is a little crazy, but all the kids run there first. 🙂

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