Buttoned-Up Snowman Gift Tag

button snowman gift tag

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This was one of the ideas I had for a greeting card, but as I mentioned, I don’t really send greeting cards, but I do give presents, so I decided to attach this little snowman to a gift tag instead. snowman button gift tag

This is a crazy-simple project, really cute and fast. The longest part is waiting for the glue to dry. You’ll want to make a bunch to use some of the cute buttons in your stash and little bits of fancy scrapbook paper.

What You’ll Need

  • a gift tag (mine is 4 inches long by 2 inches tall and I’m pretty sure came from Hobby Lobby a long time ago)
  • a small piece of scrapbook paper (mine is glitter paper from DCWV I bought earlier this week at Jo-Ann)
  • three white buttons of different sizes (I used ones without holes, because that’s easier for drawing on features)
  • permanent markers in black and orange (I used my new Identi-pens again)
  • pinking shears for paper, optional
  • glue

What You’ll Do

button snowman
We’re really crafting here, and it isn’t always pretty.
  1. Glue the buttons together in a snowman shape and allow to dry.button snowman face
  2. Clean off the excess glue and use permanent markers to draw on features. I went with black eyes, mouth and three buttons and an orange nose (for the carrot).
  3. Trace your tag shape onto your scrapbook paper and cut out using the shears. I should have cut mine a hair bigger so it would completely cover the edges of the tag, but you’ll learn from my mistake.glitter paper gift tag
  4. Glue the paper to the tag, being sure not to cover the hole.button snowman gift tag
  5. Glue the snowman to one side of the tag. Mine is attached by the button shafts on the two bigger buttons.

Project Ideas

  • Use any kind of paper you like for different looks. The sparkly paper is fun (and you can write on it with permanent marker but not regular pen; I tested it) but anything in your stash that’s vaguely holiday would work.
  • Don’t think your buttons all have to be white. Or plain. This would also be cute with blue or pastel buttons, or even buttons that are already textured or decorated in some way. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Do you have a button stash? I somehow inherited a jar from my grandmother and there’s some awesome stuff in there. I’m making an effort to use more of them. I’d love to hear if you have a button obsession, too.

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  1. I love this! I hope you’ve pinned this! Very cute and something even non-crafty folks like me can do. I think it would also make for a cute winter-time greeting card (not just holidays).

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