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bit knitting pretend play

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The Bit has been interested in my knitting for a long time, and she likes to pretend to knit, which usually involves hitting the knitting needles together or hitting them on things. But sometimes she really gets into the illusion, like she did over the weekend.

We were hanging out upstairs together, and I had gone downstairs to take care of some quick things, so she was alone for a few minutes. When I got back, this was happening. bit knitting pretend play

That thing on her head is not actually a hat, or at least it was not meant to be. It’s actually a knit basket, but it works as a hat, too, I think.

So she put that on, grabbed a swatch of knitting that was on my desk and sat down in what she said was her office to do some knitting.

I thought why not join her and grabbed my knitting and sat in a little chair elsewhere in the room. She noticed I was knitting, too, and wanted to move her chair over by me.

So we sat, and “knit” and chatted. Then she declared she was thirsty and went to get teacups and a teapot from her playroom.

pretend knitting
It’s a complete coincidence that her knitting matches her outfit.

Nothing better than knitting, tea and talk with your sweet girl. Someday I hope we can do it for real.

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