Quick Creative Tip: Create with Your Kids

collaborative art

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If you’re a mom with a child who likes to get into the art supplies, get in there and draw or paint or whatever with your kids.

Even better, draw or paint something together.

When you’re working with a younger kid, you can let of of some of the need to make something “good” or “pretty” and just follow your child’s lead.

Even with older kids, don’t try to make it a contest or even compare your work with each other’s, just enjoy being in the same space and making something together. collaborative art

This is a recent collaboration between the Bit and I. We used a big piece of freezer paper and painted together. It’s now hanging on the wall of the playroom. It was a lot of fun to work on the same piece together.

I know somewhat which parts I painted and which ones she did, but it’s more important that we did it together and had fun with it.

And just that little bit of making and seeing creativity through a child’s eyes can give you a big creative boost.

Do you create with your kids? I’d love to hear what you do. And if you don’t, give it a try the next time they want to pull out the paints or the crayons. They may even start asking you to create alongside or with them (my daughter does all the time).

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