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blurb your life

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There’s a lot of stuff happening right now that keeps me from wanting to work. There’s the news, of course, which is hard to resist checking in on even when there’s nothing new happening.

I’ve been nursing an injury that has my right hand and arm not feeling well for more than a week, which has kept me away from knitting and crafting.

I feel like I should be cleaning my office, or taking a nap, or cleaning up the kitchen since someone is coming over to make us dinner tonight (how awesome is that?).

The other day I posted on a fellow knitter’s blog that I was recuperating from a crafting injury, and she e-mailed me back with a reply that said, in part: blurb your life

I think I blushed right there in front of my computer.

Then I made this decorative poster, printed it out and hung it on my wall, right above my monitor. It’s my blurb to live by.

(Blurb is book industry speak for the nice quotes on the back of the book that try to get people to buy it.)

So my challenge for you is to look past all the stuff that’s holding you back and keeping you distracted right now and write a blurb for your life.

It can be something super nice someone else has said to you, like mine, or something you wish someone would say to you.

Make it pretty. Print it out or write it out and hang it up somewhere. Read it often.

If you do this, I’d love to hear what you come up with. And if you’re having trouble, ask on Facebook what people would say about you if you asked them for a recommendation for a job. That can give you some insight into what other people see in you.

My compliment wasn’t asked for, but it sure surprised me. I can’t wait to get back to knitting so I can prove her right.

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