“Splatter” Painting {Art Experiments}

bits splatter paint

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Not too long ago the Bit was looking at a book with me that was full of different little art projects to try (it’s an awesome book, and I promise to get around to reviewing it soon). She spotted a watercolor splatter painting and seemed like she’d be interested in trying it, so the next time she got her watercolors out I suggested we give it a try.

The idea was that you would load some paint on the brush and tap it or fling it a bit to make splatters on the page.

splatter watercolor
Not exactly splattering, but still cute.

My definition of splattering and hers are a little different, as you can see.

Here’s hers: bits splatter paint

And mine: splatter paint watercolors

Have no expectations, that’s rule number one. I still love both of them. Really, I love anything with watercolors. Which reminds me, we need to make some more liquid watercolors; we’ve been out for a while!

What have you been playing with in your house lately? I’d love to know what’s hot at your house!

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