A Taste of Summer in the South

caprese salad sandwich

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Southerners love to complain about the heat, as if we didn’t know that summer is part of the package. This summer I’ve been guilty of it, too, mostly because I’m spending a lot more time outside than I would like when it’s as warm as its been (though we’ve actually had more rain and relative coolness than you’d expect this time of year, which may be why the heat feels all the more like a betrayal).

But there are benefits to all that hot. The Bit would say she has the right to a frozen treat every day because it’s hot outside (I mostly allow it, so long as at least occasionally it’s frozen fruit juice and not an ice cream sandwich).

And though it’s a delicate balance, much of our produce enjoys hot, sunny days, too. And there’s nothing like a fresh, warm from the sun tomato to let you know summer has arrived.

(Alas, we have no garden, so that’s just a memory to me. But when the tomatoes start showing up at the farmer’s market you know it’s a good time of year, whatever the thermometer says.)

Summer on a Biscuit

I’m sure it’s not just in the south that we want easy suppers (or dinners, if you prefer) when it’s hot outside. So last night husband made biscuits and we had a little feast with fresh tomato from someone else’s garden, and bits of ham and cheese.

My husband is in charge of biscuits and cornbread in my house. He’s more southern than I am.

Lucky for me, there were leftovers.

I did thischeese biscuits

and thistomato

and this.basil

I couldn’t decide if I wanted it open-faced or a sandwich, so I did both. They were both delightful. caprese salad sandwich

If you were planning for such a meal you’d want to buy some fresh mozzarella, then you could skip the part where you melt the shreddy cheese. But it was still yummy.

Caprase Salad Sandwiches

  • biscuits
  • slices or shreds of mozzarella cheese
  • tomato slices
  • fresh basil leaves
  1. Slice biscuits in half. If you’re using shredded cheese, sprinkle on top and heat in the toaster oven (or real oven, I suppose) at 350 for about five minutes. If you’re using sliced cheese, don’t melt it.
  2. Add tomato and basil. Make a sandwich or not.

Eat. Stop. Savor.

Summer doesn’t last forever. In fact, according to the calendar, we only have 46 more days. Make them count.

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