Super Smore Basket for Summer (and Fall!)

perfect smore basket

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We just got a fire pit in our yard this summer, and we love it. It’s a lot of fun to be able to have a fire whenever we want it, particularly since we have a gas log inside, which is not quite the same as real popping logs.

Over the holiday we had some friends over and decided to light the fire and roast some marshmallows. Which of course means smores. And I had an insight I wish I’d had a long time ago.

Why not just load everything you need for smores into a basket? Then you always have everything you need in one place, you can make one trip from the house and you know at a glance when you need to restock.perfect smore basket

So I did just that, and it’s really kind of brilliant, if I do say so myself.

Perfect Smores

I know, putting stuff in a basket is hardly newsworthy, but it does give me a chance to share the perfect recipe for smores. If you haven’t made smores since your college campout days, the materials have changed a bit since then. Yes, it’s still graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmallows, but it’s easy to make these ingredients into something even better than you remember.

The Setup

First, go ahead and buy the graham crackers that are already square. They come in smaller packages so they stay fresh longer, and they’re already the perfect size for smore formation. Trust me. It’s a little luxury that’s worth it.

Second, the chocolate. Here at the White house, it’s got to be dark chocolate. Hershey’s Special Dark is fine, and when you break a bar in half it fits perfectly on the square graham crackers. But if you really want to go to smore heaven, try it with a Ghiardelli square. It’s a little smaller, but completely delicious. I won’t tell anyone if you choose the kind with the caramel inside.

And the marshmallows. Any brand will do; they’re all the same. I think you need to get just a gentle browning, to get the mallow warm all the way through. You certainly don’t want to set it on fire. Char is crunchy and will take away from the experience. perfect smore

Isn’t that beautiful?

Let this serve as a gentle reminder that smores need not be an exclusively summer experience. I mean, there’s fire involved, that’s sure to keep you warm. And the smile in your heart when you eat it will warm you on a chilly evening, too.

Wouldn’t this basket make a lovely gift for someone with a fire pit?

Are you as picky as I am about smores? I’d love to hear your “recipe!”

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