A Cardboard Castle Art Display {Kid Craft}

found object castle

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When you leave things lying around the house where kids can access them you never know what will happen. I have written before about the girl’s found object constructions, and I love that she keeps doing them and it’s completely self directed.

This latest one happened while I was still in bed writing my morning pages and she was up creating before breakfast.

I’d been cleaning up my office and emptying some boxes of sample yarn and books to review and had put a few empty boxes downstairs intending to break them up for recycling. But before I could do that, this happened.

found object castle
The side view of the castle, with self-portrait (the body shapes and stickers were a Christmas present).

She cut out the little pieces of an index card for the towers and taped them together, and she put artwork on each of the sides. The blonde is her, of course, and the guy looking one is her daddy. I think the Hello Kitty with the bee is me, but I’m not sure.

cardboard castle
The other sides of the castle.

It’s also cool that she taped them just at the top so you can flip up the coloring pages and see the other side. It’s like a castle art gallery.

Anyway, I think this is adorable and was a great way both to use a box and display some art. I don’t know quite how you re-create this one at home, other than just having materials available and letting kids follow their whims.

Which is pretty much my motto for childhood.

Do your kids make found object constructions, or did you when you were a kid? I’d love to hear about them!

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