An Easy Way to Play: Wooden Pieces

building with wood pieces

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The girl’s old preschool closed because her teacher retired. We’re really sad to be away from the only school she had known and friends she’s had for two years, but one good thing about this change is that we got to inherit a bunch of craft supplies and other fun things from the school.

One of the things I knew I wanted was a giant container of random wooden pieces. how to play with wooden pieces

There were cups, discs, cylinders, handles, knobs, all sorts of great stuff.

I added some wooden blocks I had left from a project (people blocks) and some peg people I bought for a project (peg people color cups) and didn’t end up using because they were too big.

We hadn’t really played with these before, though I had gotten some out at one point and made a tower.

Which was enough to plant the seed for the girl that she wanted to do the same thing. She asked me to clear off the table (it’s where the xylophone lives and is rarely totally clear) and started building a little structure. building with wood pieces

I think she decided that was a giant candle at the top.

All the people were going to see it. wooden pieces building

I think she planned to use all the pieces and make a big construction all over the table, but then her tower fell down and she got mad.

It happens.

But I think this will be a great go-to for us, not just for building towers, but as an addition to her found art projects, just randomly painting pieces, and whatever she comes up with.

Of course if you’re not lucky enough to get a great collection of wood pieces handed to you, look in your craft stash and see what you have. You can also pick up lots of different wood pieces at your favorite craft store, just check for when they’re on sale.

Do you have a stash of wood pieces? Would your kid play with something like this? I’d love to hear what you’d do with this stuff at your house!

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