Creating with Tape {Kid Craft}

Make an easy project with your kids using tape and crayons.

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The other day I told you about the big container of wood pieces we got from the girl’s old school. Another thing that I really wanted and snagged was a giant tape dispenser. washi tape dispenser

This thing is awesome. It holds a ton of tape and the cutter is actually plastic so it would be difficult to injure yourself on. Make an easy project with your kids using tape and crayons.

Recently the girl wanted to do a project on a big piece of paper so I grabbed the paper and the tape, suggesting that we could make designs with the tape and then color them in. tape art

So that’s what we did. tape crayon art

It went on and on.

We made shapes and colored them in. making tape art

Then she made a flower on her own.

washi tape flower art
The proud artist.

In the end there were four pages of this sort of art, which you can imagine took a while to create.

Then she wanted to make it a book, so we stapled them all together.

I think we all really enjoyed this one and I’ll bet we’ll do it again (and again).

You don’t have to have this much tape, or this much paper. Do it on a small scale with a single color of tape if that’s all you have. Just get out there and make something!

Have you ever done this with your kids? I’d love to hear about it.

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