Experimenting with Glitter and Paint

using glitter gel as paint

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I’ve been doing some cleaning in the girl’s art area lately, and one good thing about that is that it means we’re finding things we forgot we had. It was nearly a year ago the last time we played with paint and glitter gel, and the girl found the remains of the bottle over the weekend and decided she wanted to play with it.painting with glitter gel

This time around instead of mixing the glitter with the paint first, she put the glitter gel on the paper and then painted over it.using glitter gel as paint

This might have been a little more messy than the original idea, but she was clearly having fun.glitter gel painting

So much so that she did it a couple of times with a bunch of different paint colors on a couple different sheets of paper.painting gel glitter

Then I pulled out some cardboard because I wanted to work on those printable animals I told you about last week and she decided she wanted to paint that, too. There happened to be some pieces of sponge lying around (from some long-dismantled busy bag) so she started by spreading the glitter gel on the cardboard.

Then we used the sponge as a stamp and a paintbrush to use some of our leftover paint.painting on cardboard with sponges

It was a quick but fun, completely kid-led activity. My favorite.

What have you been making lately? I’d love to hear about it!

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