Meet Your New App Game Obsession: Best Fiends

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I do a lot of writing for my jobs, and when I need a break from writing and knitting I like to play online games that don’t involve words.

I’ve been obsessed with 2048 for a long time — someday I will get that square! — but I was recently introduced to a new game that’s super fun, requires some thinking but no math and is just about as maddeningly addictive.

Best Fiends (yes, Fiends, not Friends) takes place in the land of Minutia, which has been overrun by deadly slugs. The Fiends are a group of bugs that are working to defeat the slugs by matching symbols that allow them to level up as you work through challenges that take the Fiends through the Green Glades, over the Frozen Hills, past the Endless Desert to Mount Boom, base of operations for the slugs.

best fiends game

Each level of the game has different challenges, whether it’s defeating a certain number of slugs or collecting particular symbols. You have a certain number of moves you can do to complete the challenges, and you earn Meteor Mites, diamonds and other treasure as you go, which you can use to level up your Fiends.

The game is a lot of fun, and it has a message, too. You can earn extra diamonds by visiting Malaria No More, and there’s a special mission for one of the characters — a mosquito named Edward who now drinks coconut milk instead of blood. In-app donations can be made as well. best fiends screnshots

But even without the social message, this game is just fun. And I am a little obsessed.

Confession: I have different games going on my phone and my iPad.

I may have stopped for a few rounds in the middle of writing this post.

The puzzles are fun, start out easy and are just challenging enough as you go through it that it holds your attention.

Maybe for too long.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The game is free to download and offers in-app purchases. Check it out and you’re sure to have a #LoveBestFiends summer, too!

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