How to Make Plastic Egg Maracas

how to make plastic egg maracas

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This craft came completely from the mind of the girl, inspired by something she saw at school. She was telling me all weekend that she wanted to make maracas out of plastic eggs with rice inside (beans would not do) and using plastic forks as the handles.

It’s pretty brilliant.

They come together in about two minutes, you probably have all the stuff you need lying around the house (especially if you’re slow to store the Easter stuff, as I am) and they’re really fun and make a nice sound. how to make plastic egg maracas

I wasn’t taking pictures when she made hers because we were using it as a way to kill time before a play date, but I made one on my own to show you how its done.

What You’ll Needegg maraca supplies

  • plastic egg
  • two plastic forks
  • dry rice
  • tape

What You’ll Dorice in egg

Put a small amount of rice in the egg. You might want to close it and shake it and see if you like the sound. How does it sound with more or less rice?

If desired, tape the egg shut. Position the forks so that they hold the round end of the egg and come together at the bottom to make a handle.

Tape the forks to the egg and to each other at the end.

Shake, shake, shake. the girl's maracas

Her version uses duct tape because one of the eggs wouldn’t stay closed, plus it’s sturdier. I used washi tape on mine for the cuteness factor.

You could also try making them with different things inside for different noises. You could have a whole plastic egg maracas band.

Do you play with Easter eggs? I’d love to know what you do!

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