Sound Games with Easter Eggs

guess sound easter egg

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I guess it’s not really time — or just barely time — for crafts and ideas involving Easter eggs, but all my spring holiday stuff is in the same storage bag so we’ve had Easter eggs floating around for a while. And the girl likes playing with them in lots of different ways, but commonly it has something to do with how different things sound when you put them in an egg and shake it. music games easter eggs

A couple of snowstorms ago we took some beads and played a game where we put different numbers of beads into an egg and tried to describe the difference in the sounds.

But a game we’ve done for years and come back to all the time is to put random stuff in eggs and listen to the sound and try to guess what’s in there. shaking easter eggs

You can use absolutely anything you have to hand that will fit inside an egg, such as:

  • pom-poms
  • beads
  • coins
  • small rocks (or one big rock)
  • beans
  • rice
  • little plastic bears
  • little wooden blocks
  • paper clips
  • those little dollar store puffy chicks
  • put a smaller egg inside a larger egg
  • buttons

To make it even more fun, put the stuff in the eggs and hide them. Then have your child hunt for the eggs, then shake them and see if you can figure out what’s inside.

Or let your kid put stuff in the eggs and have you guess. guess sound easter egg

When my daughter does this, she likes me to guess wrong a few times, even if I know the right answer. She thinks it’s hilarious. You should try it.

Do you play any games with sound with your Easter eggs? I’d love to hear about it!

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