Clean Out the Fridge Green Smoothies

green smoothie recipe

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I have always wanted to be the sort of person who drinks green smoothies. Don’t people who drink green smoothies (or, even more so, who juice) seem healthier and somehow better than the rest of us?

The problem is I never really make an effort to buy all the things that are required to regularly make smoothies, healthy or otherwise. I don’t typically have a bunch of kale in the house, or even a lot of extra fruit.

Well, last week we happened to have a lot of fruit in the house, so I took the effort to buy a bag of spinach, some strawberries and some grapes and started making smoothies. clean out the fridge green smoothie recipe

Unfortunately the ones I bothered to take a picture of are not that pretty (remember that red and green make brown?) but they were all delicious, took only a minute or two to make and used up stuff that might have otherwise gone bad. Not to mention all the healthy nutrients and stuff that might not have gone into me.

I really enjoyed making and drinking these. I did feel a little superior. But I had to take them with crackers because I just couldn’t have a lunch that didn’t involve chewing.

The Basic Recipe

  • 2 cups assorted fruit, rough chopped
  • big handful spinach or other green of your choice
  • splash of apple juice or juice of your choice (I never measured, maybe 1/4 cup?)green smoothie recipe

Throw fruit in the bottom of the blender. On various days I used mixed fruit left over from a fruit salad and a blend of strawberries and purple grapes. You don’t have to measure it, but if your blender has measurements on it, it should go up to about the two cup line.

Grab a big handful of greens and put them in on top. Then splash in some juice.

Blend on high (my blender has a frozen drinks button, which I used even though nothing in mine was frozen) until smooth. Add more juice if you need it to blend or to thin it out. I drank mine pretty thick. This makes about a pint.

This is the perfect way to empty out the fridge of the fruit that’s getting a little old. I’m almost looking forward to when that bag of oranges on the counter goes a little soft.

Are you a smoothie person? I’d love to hear your recipe.

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