Quarantine Crafts: Essential Craft Supplies for Making at Home

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I know a lot of places are starting to open up again but where I live and a lot of other place, numbers keep climbing and I think we’re going to be home as much as possible for the foreseeable future, so we’re still very much in quarantine crafts mode.

While I’ve ordered a few things for special projects the girl wanted to do (and then decided she wasn’t so sure about as soon as those items arrived) we’ve been making do — and making a lot — with what eve have at home.

If you need to restock your essential craft supplies or just wonder what a very crafty family tries to always keep on hand, here’s a great list to get you started.


There are so many great kinds of paper to keep in your essential quarantine crafts supply. But honestly if you have white printer paper you’re probably fine.

If you want to get “fancy,” pick up a pack of construction paper, some plain white cardstock and maybe a pack of scrapbooking paper.

Bonus points for watercolor paper or mixed-media paper if you or the kids are into watercolor or collage, but cardstock works pretty well for that, too.

The least you need: printer paper

Other options for more fun: construction paper | white card stock | scrapbook paper | watercolor paper

Drawing and Coloring Tools

A pack of crayons and another of colored pencils will get you through a lot of projects. My kid really loves to draw so she has quite a lot of pens and markers as well.

She particularly enjoys having glitter pens to add a little sparkle to her drawings.

Depending on the desires of kid (or you!) specialized drawing tools like graphite pencils, more colors of their favorite tool, paint pens, etc. might be worthwhile as well.

The least you need: crayons | colored pencils | markers

Other options for more fun: glitter pens | paint pens | graphite drawing pencils


Paint is one of our most essential craft supplies all the time, but it seems like more painting has been going on since we’ve been at home.

At least a simple watercolor palette from the grocery store gives kids and adults a chance to play with paint, but you can also add fingerpaints for littles (or make your own) and the sky’s the limit on other kinds of paint.

We have a supply of Colorations washable paint we’ve been using for about six years and are finally getting to the bottom of, and of course I have a random collection of acrylic paints.

While you’re at it why not try making your own gesso and/or paint pouring medium (which is a great way to use up little bits of leftover paint)?

The least you need: watercolors

Other options for more fun: finger paint | washable paint | acrylics

Fabric and Sewing Supplies

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Because I like to sew I think of sewing supplies as being essential as well. The good news is you’ve probably got things around the house you can use even if you don’t do a lot of sewing.

Old t-shirts and jeans or other clothes can be used as material for embroidery designs or made into pillows, headbands and other fun projects. You can cut out squares and sew them together.

You can use whatever thread you have on hand, but a nice set of embroidery floss is always a good idea. If you’re buying that maybe grab some cross-stitch fabric as well, or plain bandannas if you can find them.

The least you need: fabric scraps | needles | thread

Other options for more fun: embroidery floss | cross-stitch fabric | sewing kit

My Favorite of the Essential Craft Supplies: Yarn

Those who know me know that I’m a knitter above all other crafts, so of course yarn would be on my list.

You might think you don’t need yarn because you don’t know how to knit or crochet (but it’s a great time to learn!). But there are plenty of things you can do with yarn even without those skills.

Such as? Make pom-poms. Finger knit. Or finger crochet. Make tassels. Wrap things in yarn.

You can also use thin yarn for sewing projects and embroidering designs on other things.

Try weaving or macrame. There are so many different things to do with yarn.

This one is harder for product recommendations. Whatever you like is a great place to start. There are actually lots of good quality yarns that are widely available at your local craft mega store or even Walmarts with a craft department.

I did buy the girl Red Heart Super Saver in all the colors of the rainbow because she was going to make a pom-pom rug. She’s made about four pom-poms but the yarn is coming in handy for other projects as well.

What do you consider to be essential craft supplies? What did I miss?

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