Draw in 3D with the Atmos Flare 3D Pen Review

The Atmos Flare 3D drawing pen is fun to play with, but there's definitely a learning curve

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I love to try all sorts of different materials and ways to craft and create. I’ve been interested in trying a 3D drawing pen since I first heard about this cool technology, so I jumped at the chance to try out the Atmos Flare 3D pen, which is so new its not even available in stores yet, but it’s available for preorder now.

These sorts of tools are not without their learning curve, and it helps if you not only read but actually follow the directions and advice that come with your 3D pen.

I read for example, that you shouldn’t use it on a white surface, because the heat would reflect back on the pen, causing the 3D ink to dry in the pen. Still, I tried my first efforts on a white plastic cutting board, and, sure enough, I was frustrated by the ink repeatedly hardening as I was trying to draw.The Atmos Flare 3D drawing pen is fun to play with, but there's definitely a learning curve

Atmos Flare 3D Pen Reviewatmos flare 3d heart attempt

I also started by trying to make a heart flat on the board, but it stuck. I successfully made a (crude) little person, but its feet aren’t big enough for it to stand on its own. Learning curve. He’s still probably the best thing I made.little man 3d pen review

Once I switched to working on a clipboard, things went a little more smoothly. When the Atmos Flare ships to consumers, it will include a plastic sheet to work on and accessory shapes to guide you, but that didn’t come with my sample kit.atmos flare pieces

How it works is, you install the ink you want to use, a tip and a battery (which should work for about four hours of use), begin dispensing the ink by squeezing the sides, then, once you have a little base built up, turn on the light, which cures the ink.

I found this move a little awkward. I felt like I should have been able to turn the light on while still holding the triggers for the ink, but I couldn’t do it.

Once you get going, the ink flows smoothly, though it doesn’t always stop the way you want. Witness the claw hand on my little guy and the unintentional serifs on my 2016.2016 in 3d pen

I tried an upright 3D heart, but my attempts were so bad I don’t even want to show you. When I tried to turn for the top of the heart it all fell apart. There’s probably a way to do it, I just don’t know it yet.

I made some little doodles, even combining colors, but I didn’t try anything fancy. I need a lot of practice. Still, it’s fun to try.

I thought the ink sometimes took a lot longer to dry than I thought it would, and it leaves a sticky residue on hands and surfaces when that happens that’s not unlike touching a warm lollipop. The company recommends hand sanitizer to remove and residue from hands.

Is Atmos Flare Worth Trying?

The company reminds users that results vary depending on skill level and they do call it a toy rather than a tool to be used by professional artists. I think that’s fair, though of course company videos will show people making amazing things that you won’t be able to do for a while, if ever.

Within those paramaters it’s a fun tool to try, though I’m unsure how much practice it would take to really make something cool.

From a crafter’s perspective, I think 3D pen technology will be a lot of fun to use for things like making beads and pendants to use in jewelry. My gamer geek husband thought it might be fun to use for items that could be used along with miniatures.

I didn’t let the girl try it, because I thought the learning curve would leave her frustrated, but in a few years I think something like this will be a fun tool for her to use, too (though the manufacturers say the pen is best within a year of manufacture, and it works best with fresh batteries).

I’m excited to keep playing with it and see if I can get any better. Perhaps I’ll have some tutorials on things to make with 3D pens in the future. In the meantime, if you’ve ever tried one and have a 3D pen review for me, I’d love to hear your experience!

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  1. Thank you for this fantastic article. 3D pens have become a very significant trend in the recent times. I feel that the Atmos flare 3D pen will be best for people who are making handmade jewelry. Guess it will be fun to make doodles with it.

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