Regain Control with the Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle

Conquer the Clutter Super Bundle

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Note: as an affiliate of this program, I will get a little money if you buy it through these links. All opinions are my own and I have really read these resources.

If you’ve been following along this year, you know that my word for the year is energy. And for the month of January I have really been focusing on the energy in one particular place: my office.

This has long been the catch all space in our house. If you don’t know where it goes, or you’re cleaning out the guest room or the play room for visitors, put the stuff in the office.

It got so bad over the holidays there was literally a path to my desk and you could barely stand anywhere else.

It was awful.

You know that stuff has energy, right? And all that stuff was making me unproductive. It was making me feel bad about having to go in my office to work. It was making me feel completely uncreative.

Science has shown that clutter produces stress, anxiety and depression, and particularly among women, the more stuff in your house the more stressed you will feel.

So it was beyond high time to do something about it, and I’m happy to say I’m on track for having a much, much cleaner (though probably not perfect) office by the end of the month. I’ll write more when it’s done, and this work will trickle into other places in the house (next stop: the girl’s room) as the year goes on.

Reset Your Resolutions

If you had a resolution to clear the clutter, get more organized or set up a better routine for yourself and your family this year, the Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle has a ton of resources at a great price that can help.

It’s a curated collection of 38 eBooks, eCourses, and printable planners to help you organize your life, created by people who’ve learned how to conquer all the different types of clutter (physical, mental, digital) in their life.

Everything is covered here, from meal planning to homeschooling, setting up routines for yourself and the kids, making your mornings better, decluttering the trouble spots of your house, tackling your to-do list, organizing digital photos, getting ready for the holidays and much more. All together these books, courses and tools are worth more than $650.

Plus, it comes with two brilliant bonus offers worth over $40:

    • SaneBox – An exclusive credit to save you 12 hours per month ($20 value)
    • YNAB – A FREE four month trial to the popular budgeting software ($20 value)

Buy the Conquer Your Clutter Bundle now

Conquer Your Clutter Highlights

I haven’t had a chance to look through the whole bundle yet, but a few of the things I have checked out are really great:

5 Days to a Better Morning by Crystal Paine — outlines the basics of setting up a routine for the morning that works for you, focused on things that are a priority for you to get done each day.

Never-Ending To-Do List: a One-Hour Solution for Busy Parents Who Want Less Stress and More Fun by Kelly Holmes — a quick read that covers a lot of the things I know I should be doing to keep my to-do list in check and feel (and be!) more productive in my days. A great reminder.

Spend Your Days: How to Control Time with Rocks, Bullets, Chisels, and a Boat by Tsh Oxenreider — offers a reminder that we actually are in control of how we spend our time, and provides a solid plan for tracking how you spend your time and refocusing your time and energy on the things you really want and need to accomplish.

The Sunday Basket: Weekly Paper Organizing & Planning by Lisa Woodruff — a simple plan for dealing with paperwork and keeping things organized by dealing with it on a weekly basis.

30 Days To A Clean & Organized Family Space by Rachel Jones — her kitchen and living space books are also included, but I started with this one because of where I am focused in my own decluttering journey. It starts by asking you to explore mindsets and lies you tell yourself about your stuff, set goals, motivations and a mantra, set up a daily routine and clear specific spaces like the entertainment center, tables, couches, children’s bedroom and bathroom and more, one step and one day at a time.

 Mindspace: 10 Practices to Help You Let Go of Mental Clutter and Make Room for More Joyful, Creative Living by Melissa Camara Wilkins — a great guide to getting rid of the mental clutter, digital (and other) distractions and increasing mindfulness for a less cluttered, more meaningful life

This just scratches the surface of what is in this bundle, but I have to tell you, it’s so inspiring and comforting to read and act on these resources. It makes what I’m doing feel more doable because I know other people have been there and done what I’m trying to accomplish.

Bundle DetailsConquer the Clutter Super Bundle

If you’re sold on this clutter-busting bundle, you can order it now, but act quickly because it is only available for six days. After Monday night, January 30th, the sale ends and you’d have to buy all of these products individually.

Buy the Conquer Your Clutter Bundle now

As a special bonus if you order from me, I’ll send you a copy of my new ebook How to Set Creative Goals and Actually Make them Happen. It’s all about really doing those creative things you’ve always said you wanted to do. (Please shoot me an email at sarah when you buy and I’ll make sure you get it!)

I really hope you’ll take a look if, like me, you have been struggling to get rid of clutter, take control of your schedule, have more time for your family and feel like you are really living the life that you want. Shift your stuff, and your energy will shift and it can change your life. I really believe that and I hope you will discover the same thing with the help of this bundle.



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