Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

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Whether you’re looking for something to give a knitter or crocheter in your life or want to drop some subtle hints about what you want for Christmas or your birthday, these gifts for knitters and crocheters are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

I don’t know why people find knitters and crocheters hard to shop for, because there are so many fun things you can buy us to enhance our craft or enable our stash. Let’s take a look!

Fun Tools for Knitters and Crocheters

Most of these gifts for knitters and crocheters aren’t essential tools, but they do make things a little nicer and more fun while we’re making stuff.

This first one is just for knitters, but Knitting Barber Cord is an amazing gift idea for knitters. This hollow, flexible cord slips over the ends of your knitting needles so you can try on a top-down knitting project without having to put all your stitches on a piece of yarn or a bunch of different needles. They come in 14 colors and can be used with knitting needles up to size 9 US/5.5 mm. And they come in a cute little tin!

Every knitter or crocheter needs a way to measure their work on the go. The appropriately named Etsy seller Wristruler sells these great tape measures you can wear as a wrap bracelet. I love this plum color but there are lots of other options, and you can choose a length from 7 to 30 inches.

Or if you’re gifting to a child of the ’80s, check out these cute and colorful slap rulers. So. Cute. Six color options are available.

One of the best gifts for knitters and crocheters I can think of is a way to keep handy essential information and tools that you never know when you will need but you always need. Katrinkles has a collection of 42 2.5 inch knitting and crochet mini tools, which includes everything from knitting needle and crochet hook gauges to how to do make one left and right (I still have to look this up every time!), instructions for grafting, wraps per inch tools, how to do brioche basics as well as increases and decreases, sock sizes and so much more. Buy a single tool or a bunch to thread onto the provided ball chain loop or a keychain.

Gifts for Knitters They’ll Use Every Day

These gifts are more in the category of everyday things we always need more of. Example: stitch markers.

There are stitch markers of just about any theme you can think of, from mushrooms to cats to plain rings. That last one is a great collection because it includes tons of markers in different shapes and sizes, including solid, split and locking markers. (Crocheters need split or locking markers because they need to sit on a stitch, not on the needle, so they have to be removable.) And lest you think 100 markers is too many, I assure you it is not.

You can also get more specialized markers, like these to mark the right side and wrong side of the fabric, to mark where increases and decreases go, these for counting rows, or these numbered ones you can use to count rows or stitches.

When you need a longer tape measure than the ones above, it’s usually impossible to find one. I love this Lantern Moon sheep tape measure so much I’ve bought it twice (white and black) but this crocheted fox tape measure is pretty adorable, too.

If your knitter or crocheter also sews, they might like this tape measure with the classic William Morris strawberry thief fabric. Or if you want to go completely over the top, get them a sterling silver tape measure.

The need to fix mistakes might not be a thing that comes up every day, but when it does your knitter will be glad to have the right tools handy. I love the Fix-A-Stitch double-ended crochet hooks because you can fix any stitch pattern without having to take the hook in and out of the stitches, but tiny crochet hooks of any sort are great. This little Stitch Fix collection includes three short crochet hooks, plus stitch markers, a tiny ruler for checking gauge, and cheat sheets for grafting and increasing.

Speaking of tools to take on the go, I have a very old version of the Knit Kit, which is a tape measure with built in row counter, double-ended crochet hook, cable needle, scissors, stitch markers, knitting needle point protectors and a yarn needle.

Another option is the Akerworks tool kit, which includes a swatch gauge and needle gauge, tiny scissors, a tape measure, stitch markers and darning needles.

This knit or crochet notions case comes empty so you can put in your favorite essentials. Or you can purchase a kit that’s less for travel and more for giving them everything they might need (though to be honest this would be great for on-the-go, too).

More Fun Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

I feel like knitters and crocheters can always use more project bags. If you sew you can make a project bag for them, or you can buy a little project bag, or a bigger bag that will carry their project and other supplies on the go. This knitting backpack is so cute, comes in seven colors, has six interior pockets and a built in USB charger so you can charge your phone on the go. (You do have to buy the charging bank separately, but still very cool.)

If your knitter or crocheter makes shawls, they might love a shawl cuff or shawl pin to help hold them. There are so many options but here are just a couple that I love. This rainbow shawl pin that looks like a giant safety pin is from JK Foster, or try a celtic knot shawl cuff from Sunrise Grove.

Because knitters and crocheters often need to or want to do mending, too, you could grab them a mending kit like the Katrinkles darning and mending looms or the Speedweve, which allows you to make a little woven patch to repair knits or fabric.

If All Else Fails…

Buy them yarn. Any kind of yarn. Seriously. If you know a little bit about them and what they like to make and the colors they use, you can be a little more thoughtful, but I’ve never been sad to receive yarn as a gift.

Or if you don’t want to do that, grab a gift card for the local yarn store, craft mega store or even an online shop that sells yarn (WEBS is a great one).

If you really want to win points with your gifts for knitters and crocheters, investigate yarn subscription boxes like YarnYay (there are many others). Or do a search for knitting or crochet advent calendars or yarn clubs if you want to be their best friend forever. (You can also find advent calendars filled with stitch markers and other goodies.) I found one for cotton yarn and one for sock yarn, so if you know their preference or what they make a lot of this would be a super special gift.

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