Gifts for Sewists

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After sharing my gift ideas for knitters and crocheters, I thought it would be fun to share some gifts for sewists as well. I don’t have as many accessories for sewing, but there are definitely some things I have that make my life easier (and other things that would if I had them!)

Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Sewists

The great thing about shopping for people who sew is there are lots of little things that are useful to them that they’ll always be happy to receive.

For example, I don’t know anyone who would be sad to get more Wonder Clips (I only have the small ones but the large ones would be great, too). And if they don’t already have these colorful alternatives to straight pins, they will love to have them.

There are still times when you’ll need to use regular pins, and this magnetic pincushion to wear on your wrist is a great tool to help with that.

Or you could get them a set of these sewing clips, which have measurements on them for ease in hemming. I just hemmed a circle skirt the other day and these probably would have been super helpful for that.

Marking tools like tailor’s chalk, heat-erasable pens and chalk fabric markers are always useful (and I can never seem to find mine when I need them!).

Another thing people who sew would always appreciate as a gift is a seam ripper. I know that I have more than I can ever find when I need them, but I would always love to have more. My favorite is this ergonomic one from Dritz, but they also have one with a magnifier and LED light that would be great.

I’m also intrigued by the Slice, which is meant to safely cut through thread and open buttonholes but it won’t cut you. If anyone has one I’d love to hear about it!

Gifts for the Sewing Machine

I think every sewist needs more light around their sewing machine, so a strip of LED lights they can attach to their machine would be a great gift for sewists on your list.

Threading the sewing machine needle can be a hassle (though the light would help!). This little tool helps to both insert and thread the needle, while this one has a light to make threading even easier.

Your favorite sewist might already have a seam guide for their machine, but this set of accessories looks really cool. It includes a plastic gauge ruler to aid in folding over the hemline, as well as a heavy duty straight magnet for keeping your seam allowance straight, a curved magnet to help with seam allowance on curved hems, and a presser foot attachment.

Gifts for Pattern Preparation

I love my pattern weights. This is a tool you feel like you can live without until you have some, and your sewist will be happy to get some from you — even if they already have some. I’m not sure the person who made mine is still selling, but there are so many different themes and options.

You can get 3D-printed pattern weights, laser cut wood weights with a sewing theme, metal weights with pictures of sheep in sweaters, and so much more.

If you know your sewist well and they’re into technology, you might consider getting them a mini projector for displaying patterns directly onto the fabric for cutting, no paper pattern required. I will admit to knowing almost nothing about this, so if you want to learn more or find reviews for a lot of different projectors, check out Projector Sewing for more.

No matter how they prepare your patterns, your sewing friend will need to cut things out. I’ve got my eye on some Fiskars RazorEdge Shears that are designed for table top cutting (I already have the Amplify shears). I also have some electric fabric scissors I’m still a little scared of but should have a review for soon.

Gifts for Sewists for Finishing Projects

My sewing space is upstairs in our house, and it makes me ridiculously happy to have my own iron and small ironing board that live up there. But it would be really great to have a smaller iron (or even a really small iron) for those tiny projects that don’t need the power of a full-sized machine. This could just be me talking, but I feel like a mini iron is something a lot of sewists would love as a gift.

A hot hem ruler is a great tool for making seaming easier, and I’m confident everyone you know who sews could use another thread snip. (I feel like I need another one because I’d like to have one at my sewing machine, at my desk and downstairs.)

And of Course…

If you’ve read my post for gifts for knitters and crocheters, you probably know where I’m going here. Buying fabric for sewists is a little more difficult than buying yarn for knitters and crocheters, because it’s a little more specialized in terms of what they like to sew and for whom.

But I would never be sad to get a gift card from a fabric store, and I’ll bet your friends who sew feel the same way.

If you sew, what would you had to this list of gifts for sewists?

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