Crochet Heart Pillow Pattern

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I made a couple of my daughter’s friends giant knit bunnies for Christmas, and with a little bit of Blanket yarn left over I decided I needed to make a crochet heart pillow.

This easy crochet pattern is super quick and cute and great for those little bits of super bulky yarn you might have lying around from other projects.

Supplies for a Crochet Heart

This heart uses about 50 yards of Bernat Blanket yarn. The color I used is Deep Fuchsia, but of course it would be great in any color. You can use whatever super bulky yarn you like but of course the look will be different with a different yarn.

You’ll also need a size K/10.5/6.5mm crochet hook, a pair of scissors and something to stuff your heart with.

If you want to use a different weight of yarn, go down one hook size from what the ball band recommends. Bear in mind your heart will be a different size if you use different yarn.

Speaking of size, mine is about 8.5 inches/21.5 cm across at the widest part and 9 inches/22.8 cm tall. Gauge isn’t critical but you want to make sure your stitches are relatively firm so whatever you’re stuffing it with won’t be visible.

How to Make the Crochet Heart Pillow

The heart is worked in two pieces from the bottom up in rows. Each row ends with a chain, which does not count as a stitch, before turning the work. To work the tops of the heart you will work across half the stitches then turn. When you finish one you’ll go back and work the other half.

Make a slip knot and chain 2.

Working into the farthest chain from the hook, single crochet twice. Chain 1.

Work 2 single crochets in each stitch. 4 stitches. Chain 1.

Single crochet across. Chain 1.

Work 2 single crochet in the first stitch, single crochet across to the last stitch, work 2 single crochet in the last stitch. 6 stitches. Chain 1.

Single crochet across. Chain 1.

Repeat these 2 rows until you have 20 stitches.

Work 2 rows single crochet without increasing.

Single crochet 2 together, single crochet 6, single crochet 2 together. Chain 1 and turn. You’re now working on 8 stitches.

Single crochet those 8 stitches. Chain 1.

Single crochet 2 together, single crochet 4, single crochet 2 together. 6 stitches. Chain 1.

Single crochet 6. Chain 1.

Single crochet 2 together, single crochet 2, single crochet 2 together. 4 stitches. Chain 1.

Single crochet 4. Chain 1.

Single crochet 2 together twice. Fasten off the last stitch, leaving a tail to help with seaming.

Join yarn at the center of the work and repeat the shaping (starting with the first decrease row above) on the other side of the heart.

Make another crochet heart in the same manner.

Finishing the Crochet Heart Pillow

Use your yarn ends or a new strand of yarn to sew your pieces together. I used the crochet hook rather than a yarn needle to do this, but you can do it either way.

Leave an opening at the top center so you can stuff the pillow. You can use stuffing, yarn ends, bits of fabric, or old socks.


Sew the rest of the heart closed.

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