Crochet Easter Basket Patterns

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These crochet Easter basket patterns are fun and easy to make no matter your skill level and a great way to add a bit of a homemade touch to your holiday decor.

I’ve knit a mini Easter basket (among others) and did a Sentro knit basket, but I’ve actually never crocheted an Easter basket, so I wanted to gather some crochet Easter basket patterns to inspire me (and you!) to make one this year.

Easy Crochet Easter Baskets

Most Easter basket crochet patterns are pretty easy, though you will have to work in flat rounds to make the bottom of the basket and in rounds to make the sides.

If you’re pretty new to these concepts, the basic Easter basket pattern from Delia Creates is a great place to start. This pattern uses four strands of yarn held together, which can take a bit of practice, but it makes for a basket that’s super sturdy (and uses a lot of yarn for its size if you’re stash busting!).

Crochet 365 Knit Too has another good basic Easter basket pattern using two strands of medium weight yarn held together. The pattern includes the option of using pipe cleaners in the handle so that it will stand up and hold its shape. It also includes a loopy flower you can use to embellish your basket or anything else you like.

Adding stripes to your Easter basket amps up the cuteness and doesn’t really make the project any harder. This pastel striped basket from Yarn and Chai uses DK weight yarn held double and worsted weight yarn for the white stripes. It uses a piece of plastic canvas to reinforce the sides, and the handle is made with plastic canvas with yarn wrapped around rather than crocheting it.

Practice your puff stitch to give a little embellishment to this otherwise easy Easter basket crochet pattern from Desert Blossom Crafts. It uses worsted weight yarn in two colors, and you can make both a standard size and a mini version with one skein of each color.

Mini Crochet Easter Basket Patterns

As you might guess from my little knit Easter basket, I love a tiny basket. So I couldn’t resist sharing a few mini crochet baskets, too.

Skip to My Lou has a super cute and super easy mini Easter basket crochet pattern that you can stitch up in no time. It uses half double crochet stitches and is only seven rounds, so you can make a bunch of these to hold little treats or use as place settings at the Easter table.

Hello Yellow Yarn has a similar little basket using DK weight yarn and double crochet stitches that’s a breeze to make. This one will fit a plastic egg or a handful of mini chocolate eggs, and there’s a great photo tutorial to help you along if you need it.

Technically I guess these next ones aren’t baskets because they don’t have handles, but you could always add one if you want, but they get passes because bunny ears. The bunny crochet cups from Repeat Crafter Me use worsted weight yarn held double. Sarah used safety eyes and a safety nose to embellish hers, but you can embroider the features if you’d rather. The pattern includes a video tutorial if you need it.

Speaking of video tutorials, this one from Mindful Crafts is only a video tutorial. This one uses braided cord rather than yarn to make it stand on its own. It should be noted the video uses UK terms (so where they say double crochet that’s a single crochet in the US).

This super simple egg cup style Easter basket from Krisleigh Creations would take just a few minutes to make. How cute would this be with a single egg sitting on your plate at Easter dinner? It’s a great use for your cotton yarn scraps, too.

Embellished Crochet Easter Basket Patterns

These patterns bring a little more detail to the party, which makes them more fun to make, use as decor and present Easter goodies in.

The easiest way to embellish a basket is with an applique, like the cute Easter eggs added to the side of this crochet Easter basket from Jayda in Stitches. You could also leave the eggs off and have a cute little storage basket to use all year.

The Spring Flowers Easter Basket pattern from Greene Crafts Store is so pretty and would be lovely to have on display throughout the spring. It uses worsted weight yarn and you can use whatever pastel colors you have for the flowers to make it a little stash buster. The pattern has both US and UK terms. If you don’t want to add all the embellishments, they also have a pattern that is just the plain basket.

The Cutie in a Basket pattern from Cuteville Toys is embellished more by what’s in the basket than what’s on it. This little basket is worked in blanket yarn and includes patterns for chicks and bunnies that fit inside the basket. Perfect for a little one’s first Easter!

And because I can’t resist a basket that looks like a bunny, Ginger and Mustard offers this cute bunny basket with long ears. This is another one made with cord (it also uses cord for the handle and the face details). Wouldn’t it be cute in a baby animal themed nursery or kid’s playroom, too?

While we’re adding ears, why not add a tail, too? WRN’s Bunny Basket from Wildlife Rescue Nests uses a pompom (made from yarn or faux fur) to give the basket a tail, and it has ears that stand up from the back. The pattern makes two sizes of baskets and uses super bulky yarn for the larger size and medium weight for the smaller.

Now you have lots of great options for crochet Easter basket patterns. If you make one I’d love to know which one you chose!

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