Getting Back to Morning Pages

morning pages quote

As I thought about launching this public creative journey last week, I tried to think about things I could do every day that would keep me connected to and focused on this goal of mine to be more creative and to help you all hopefully be more creative, too. The first thing I thought about […]

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Creativity Runs in the Family

bit knitting pretend play

The Bit has been interested in my knitting for a long time, and she likes to pretend to knit, which usually involves hitting the knitting needles together or hitting them on things. But sometimes she really gets into the illusion, like she did over the weekend. We were hanging out upstairs together, and I had […]

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Building My Crafty Stash at Target

target dollar spot craft haul

Yesterday there was a threat of snow and ice, and I needed to get a birthday present for a girl at the Bit’s school, so I headed out to Target after dropoff. I knew I could get some essentials (bottled water and candles, in case the power went out) and a fun gift (some awesome […]

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Goodbye, Old Friend

hackberry tree

Husband and I have been rather hard on trees in our life together. Days after we moved into our first house, a huge tulip elm in our backyard got hit by lightning, taking out the top third or so of the tree. Luckily it didn’t hit the house or the fence, but it had to […]

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Ten Ways to (Try to) Turn Around a Bad Day

turn around a bad day

Yesterday morning was pretty terrible. The Bit didn’t want any part of anything we were trying to get her to do, from washing her hands to eating breakfast. There were five screaming fits before 7:30 a.m., and I was more than done by the time it was time to go to school. All of that […]

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Road Trips, Learning and the Fastest Knitter in the Room

math for knitters

Over the weekend I went to Hot Springs for the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza. It was so fun I can’t even tell you. You probably don’t want to know, unless you’re a knitting geek too. It was truly an extravagant event, full of gorgeous fibers, beautiful people and long, lovely stretches spent knitting, sometimes with […]

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