The Great Backyard Renovation

backyard playground

I’ve been saying all month that I was going to do a post on our backyard makeover, but now that I finally have space in the schedule there’s not a lot I want to say. Like all home improvement projects it took longer and cost more than we expected, but, like most home improvement projects, […]

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Live in Northwest Arkansas? You Can Help Prevent Cancer

cancer prevention study

The local American Cancer Society is taking part in a cancer prevention study and they need our help to find participants. This is a long-term commitment, starting with having some blood and a waist circumference measurement taken at one of several sites across Northwest Arkansas in September as well as filling out surveys at home […]

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Speaking and Listening

listen to your mother

I’m not a performer. I’m a shy introvert who never should have gone into journalism because I was so afraid to interview people (editing was much better for me). But I’ve always understood the power of stories, and the importance of journalism when it provides an outlet for someone to tell their story and be […]

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liberty tower kansas city

I don’t know why I feel compelled to write a post marking Memorial Day. Everyone knows that today is a special day we set aside to honor those who have died in war, to remember their sacrifice and hopefully to reflect on ways that we can bring peace to our world. Everyone also knows it […]

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