My Love Letter to Fayetteville

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I didn’t actually meet Jamie from Creating Really Awesome Free Things (aka C.R.A.F.T.) at BlissDom, but I saw her there. Blame my annoying shyness for me not going up and gushing all over her. But I’ve followed and enjoyed her blog for a while, and when I saw she was looking for participants for her Creating Really Awesome Free Trips series, I volunteered to tell her and her readers a little bit about all the great free and low-cost things you can do in Fayetteville (and surrounding environs, of course; you can’t leave Crystal Bridges off a list like this!). craft trips

My post over there is live, and I’ve decided I didn’t write it so much for the people who read it and hopefully will come visit our fair city.

I wrote it for me.

Sometimes I spend too much time (way too much time) within the walls of my house. I work here, eat most of my meals here, sleep here. We do at lot of at-home entertaining, so I even do most of what little socialization I get at home.

fayetteville parks
My gorgeous girl at a couple of local parks.

Writing this post I got to see some things I don’t see every day (OK, the library and the parks were easy; we’re there on a weekly basis). I can’t tell you the last time I’d been up on campus, or to the lake. Mount Sequoyah had been more recent, but still a while. So it was really fun for me to drive around town taking pictures for this post, and reminding myself of all the reasons I’m glad we live here.

university of arkansas
Around Old Main is so pretty. I’d kind of forgotten.

Non-locals, you really should come visit; it’s beautiful here. Locals, what did I miss? Any other free or cheap destinations you love? Please share in the comments!

Wherever your travels take you this weekend, or this summer, I hope you enjoy, and come back home and remember what’s so great about home.

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