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container play

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This isn’t really a project, or even an activity that you can necessarily do with your kids, but it’s something you might want to look out for or try and observe what your kid does.

The Bit is almost 4, and she’s obsessed with putting things in containers. Not putting things away, exactly, but moving things around from one container to another.

This has been going on lots of places, with lots of different things, for a few weeks now, but I finally took a picture the other day.

container play
Containers in the living room.

This is her (in her most adorable post-swimming attire) very seriously taking all of the pegs from her peg board and putting them in different containers. She learned they wouldn’t all fit in the container the bears go in (the bears and a bunch of pom poms are in the pink bucket) so she started in on another container.

The Mason jar is full of alphabet stamps and the wooden beads she got as part of her indoor treasure hunt. Those are usually pretend food of some sort, often soup or dog food (though I cropped the dog out of the picture).

It’s really fascinating to me that she can spend so much time moving things from one container to another. I know she’s learning about space and volume and what fits and what things go together and all that, but it’s really funny how long she’ll stay engaged with a “game” that’s so simple.

Does your preschooler do this, or did you have a kid who did this when he was younger? I’d love to hear about it, or any other things your kid loves to do with basic materials.

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