About Me Handprint Art

Draw a handprint and fill it with words that describe you for this craft challenge.

I like the idea of the craft challenge having s theme for the week at least some of the time. Last week to my mind was relatively easy things that anyone could do do matter their creative specialty. This week, it turns out, is going to be all about you. Handprint Art for Adults Handprint […]

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Bake Something

Spend some time this weekend baking something really great, like this bread.

I saved this one for a weekend even though I did it a while ago because it’s probably more realistic for someone who doesn’t work at home to bake on the weekends rather than some random Wednesday. Today’s craft challenge is to bake something. Bonus points if you do it with any kids who happen […]

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Mend Something

Surely something in your house needs mending. Why not take care of it today?

As the mom of a 6-year-old, it seems like I’m always needing to fix something. This girl cannot wear leggings or jeans without getting a hole in them. She seems to have a lot of falling-apart stuffed animals, too, and a plastic dragon who keeps losing his head. That’s not even to mention handknit sweaters […]

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Collect Inspiration on Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest deliberately to get inspired? Try it!

Today’s challenge is sort of the digital version of yesterday’s inspiration wire challenge. There is so much fun, inspirational stuff out there on the Internet, whether projects you want to try, techniques to explore or just pretty pictures or objects that can inspire your own creations. The task today is easy: take 10 minutes (you […]

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Play with a Picture

Play with pictures on your phone for this craft challenge.

Most of us, I would guess, love to take pictures with our phones. And if you happen to be a blogger, or someone addicted to Instagram, you probably know all about embellishing, altering and filtering photos to make them look their best and to add a little something special. It’s not something most of us […]

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