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Draw a handprint and fill it with words that describe you for this craft challenge.

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I like the idea of the craft challenge having s theme for the week at least some of the time. Last week to my mind was relatively easy things that anyone could do do matter their creative specialty.

This week, it turns out, is going to be all about you.Draw a handprint and fill it with words that describe you for this craft challenge.

Handprint Art for Adults

Handprint art is a classic genre for kids, but not something grow ups do very often.

This is a challenge in two parts. First, grab a piece of paper and write some words and phrases that describe you. You can use literal titles like mom and whatever your job is, as well as more general descriptions of character traits (sarcastic and smart are both on my list, for example) and things you love (passionate reader, sucker for beaches).i am list

Once you have a list of 15 or 20 things, trace your hand onto a piece of paper.

If you trace your writing hand you’ll get a bit of non-dominant hand use and a little of the wobbly charm of kid art. (And this is a great one to try with older kids, too, who can think of and write the words themselves.)autobiographical handprint art

Then start writing the words and phrases you chose into your hand. I roatated through a bunch of different colors in a set of markers I had nearby, but you could do it in a single color, too.

And though doing it by hand is kind of the point,  if you really hate your handwriting you can type the words on your computer and choose a few different fonts, then print them out and paste them on your hand.

This is a really easy and fun exercise that might teach you something (or remind you something) about yourself.

If you try it and any unexpected words come up for you, I’d love to hear about it. I’d also love to see your creations; share on social with the hashtag #ourdailycraft.

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