Take a Self-Portrait Selfie

Can selfies be creative? I think so!

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I know what you’re probably thinking. Selfies are creative?

Bear with me. Can selfies be creative? I think so!

First of all, it’s Monday, so something easy is good, right?

But I also feel like a selfie can be more than just a shot of what you look like on a particular day. It can also show a bit of who you are or what’s important to you.

Like this one from this morning. yarny selfie

It shows, first, that I stink at selfies.

Also that I love knitting, and that it was 15 degrees this morning and I still haven’t quite recovered. shadow selfie

I’m not sure what the shadow reveals, other than this is the way I get around doing real selfies, and that it’s sunny today even if it’s also cold, which is nice.

What do your selfies say about you? I’d love to see your self-portrait selfie, tagged #ourdailycraft. Get creative with it!

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